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September 14 2018

Home Renovations

California Home Renovation Costs Vs. Value

California homeowners should estimate the actual increase in the value of their real estate versus the expense of specific renovations prior to completing any projects. Some repairs may be more profitable than others. Below are statistics on California home renovation costs vs. value.

California Home Renovation Costs Vs. Value

Many people assume that they will regain the cost of a repair, or perhaps even more, when it is time to selling. This is understandable tendency; however it is not generally what occurs. Different property repairs result in different values, and that increase may differ depending on geographic areas. To give you a general idea on home renovation costs vs. value, below are a few nationwide trends.

National Averages from a Recent Study

The figures below were obtained from the Remodeling Magazine Cost Versus Value Report.

Resale Value
Percentage of Cost Returned
Replacing a Roof
57.8 %
Deck Addition
70.1 %
Bathroom Addition
51 %
Major Kitchen Upgrade
65.7 %
Two-Story Addition
62.4 %

Evaluating Home Renovation Costs Vs. Value

Another factor contributing to the value of projects is whether it is a mid-range or up-scale project. Kitchen projects, for example, can be performed using different quality materials leading to a different return on investment. So, not only should you think about the type of change but also the brands and quality of materials. For a extensive list of home upgrades and current.California home renovation costs vs. value, visit http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2013/.