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We understand that investors are looking to add competitive advantage to their investment properties in order to stand out amongst other rehabbed or newly constructed properties, especially if the investments are in California’s vibrant real estate market.

While overcoming that challenge you should also stay in a certain budget and retain your expenses at minimum, so that you gain the targeted profit from your project and secure the capital for your next investment. We understand this delicate balance and work with you throughout to ensure that your investment property is furnished with the optimum features that your targeted clientele`s needs and desires. Depending on the area and the property type of your investment, our company is eager to come up with the most creative solutions for your project.

In terms of design, we strive to implement luxury details or unique design features which separates your property from other renovated properties without compromising on your construction budget. Depending on your project and your strategy as an investor, you could choose from preset templates to implement on your project or customize a unique designfor your needs if you are aiming for a specific clientele.

With a real estate agent on our team we are able to provide you in depth market analysis, latest market trends and statistics. Most importantly, we know the difference between the expectations of a homeowner and an investor when it comes to an investment project.