Gozen Construction is a local General Building and Engineering Contractor offering commercial and residential construction, commercial upfitting, residential remodeling and earthquake retrofitting services in Los Angeles region. We work with a variety of clients including entrepreneurs, business owners, homeowners, investors and developers, property managers in residential and commercial real estate markets. We would be happy to work with you too!

Whether you are at the very beginning, in the initial phase of a project, or getting ready for construction, or anywhere in between, we can offer you the opportunity to work with the best local contractor team in the area. Our team is well-rounded, with professionals, craftsmen and craftswomen, specializing in commercial tenant improvements, home improvements and remodels, structural retrofits, and change of use or conversion in retail food facilities and more.

For our projects, we strongly believe that it is not only about putting up walls or installing materials to make a project a success. In fact, it is about understanding the goals and bringing the vision of the client to life by keeping that vision in the central focus throughout the process. That is why we work with you closely from the beginning to the end of your project to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

If you are searching for general contractors in the Los Angeles area, Gozen Construction is the company you can rely on. Let us do the heavy lifting and handle the various services that a construction project requires. Save time and money while focusing on your needs at home or at your business.

The Gozen Construction team is eager to add value to your projects and your business with reliable, professional and effective customer service as well as the high-quality workmanship that you deserve. From concept to completion, our team will be your trusted partner guiding and supporting you in every step of project design and construction.

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