Is your bathroom the serene refuge that it should be? Or has it become dingy and outdated? At Gozen Construction, we can help! Think about it, gather your Pinterest images or magazine clippings, and then bring us your ideas.

At Gozen Construction, we have done tons of bathroom remodeling projects. Let us use our expertise to help you have the bathroom you deserve.

Although bathrooms are not typically among your larger rooms, remodeling a bathroom is a big job. Therefore, our design and construction expertise can be helpful for some homeowners. We can keep your bathroom’s layout as it is, or even change the layout completely by moving the position of the tub, shower, sinks, or toilet. Complete bathroom remodels may include new tile flooring, wall and shower tiles, new water, and mold-resistant wall coverings, new light fixtures, cabinetry, a walk-in shower, or a luxury tub.

Let’s see how the process works:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Do you have bathroom goals? Gozen Construction starts by discussing them with you. We may walk through your existing bathroom, take measurements and discuss what will remain where it is and what will be moved. A design is produced if necessary, especially if there are to be significant changes in the layout of the bathroom.

Step 2: Get a quote for the cost of construction

Once you have a plan that is complete and detailed, it is time to get a quote for the cost of construction to execute the plan. Although you may have received an estimate earlier, now that the plan is finalized, you can expect a precise quote that details the cost of construction. At Gozen Construction we work with you very carefully on this process, so that the price we quote is the price you pay in total.

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Step 3: Plan for construction

Once you have a plan and a quote, it is time to begin planning for the actual construction. Gozen Construction can help you set dates and a timeline so that you know what to expect. Since bathroom remodeling means that you may not have use of the bathroom during at least some of the process, it is important to plan accordingly if this is your home’s only bathroom. There may be plumbing and electrical infrastructure that must be temporarily disconnected or relocated to accommodate the construction work. Gozen Construction can manage this part of the process for you.

Step 4: Execute and complete construction

Construction in you home can be disruptive. Gozen Construction strives to allow enough time to ensure the quality of the job, but also to get everything done on schedule so that there is minimal “down time” for your bathroom.

Why is Gozen Construction the choice of so many homeowners for their bathroom remodelling?

At Gozen Construction, even smaller projects are important to us. Even a single bathroom remodel can enhance your enjoyment of your home and increase its value! Luxurious bathrooms are a trademark of our new homes and the hotels we refurbish and now, you can have a spa quality bathroom right in your own, existing home.

We are a California Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor who can help you with all of your residential construction needs.

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