Looking for a contractor in Costa Mesa?

With a reputation for excellence throughout Southern California, Gozen Construction caters to even the most demanding clients, ensuring quality craftsmanship with on-time and on-budget delivery for every project.

We work with all types of projects, large and small. We can give you the home of your dreams, offering you and your family the lifestyle you deserve. We can turn your business into a space that represents your brand, a place where employees and customers want to be. And we can ensure that any multi-unit buildings that you own are constructed or upfitted to be safe and stylish for your tenants and profitable for you.

Luxury Home Remodelling

Do you love your home and adore your neighborhood, but style-wise, your home seems stuck in another decade? You would not dream of stepping out in outdated clothes, but yet your house looks the same as it did twenty years ago? Maybe your family has grown or maybe you’re an empty nester. Either way, you may want to repurpose, some of your home’s square footage.

Remodelling refers to changing your home’s interior layout. It can include such things as tearing out a kitchen wall and replacing it with an island. It can mean removing part or all of a wall to connect two previously divided spaces, bringing a more spacious, light and airy look and feel to your home. O, it may mean removing a wall between two bedrooms and then constructing a new wall, so that you have one large bedroom with a walk-in closet and dressing room.

Projects like these can bring new life to your home, but they must be done properly. With Gozen Construction you get a team that has architectural experience, so your home doesn’t look like an amateur weekend project. And, you get engineering expertise which is extremely important when walls are to be moved or removed, since some walls are structural.

Premier Restaurant Construction

Restaurants are one of our favorite, and perhaps most important, types of commercial construction. Whether it is an upfit or expansion of an existing restaurant, or a brand-new venture building out a newly leased space, every detail is extremely important. This is a place where your customers will come and sit for an hour or two, maybe longer, so the space is an especially important component of the experience you are offering them.

We can work with you closely to make sure the guest seating area provides an atmosphere that reflects your brand and invites visitors to return. With our extensive experience in commercial kitchens, we can ensure that your staff has all of the equipment to bring the menu to life, adequate space to work and that all building codes are met.

Luxury Home Construction

Is it time to build the perfect home? We love making dreams come true! No matter where you are in the process, as fully licensed contractors, we can help. Just starting from scratch? We can help there too. We can advise on planning and architect selection, clear raw land or demolish existing structures.

As your new home begins to come to life, you will not need to worry about materials, subcontractors or cost overruns. We plan carefully from the start, relying on our strong background in design, engineering and construction project management to make sure there are no ugly surprises. With Gozen Construction, Costa Mesa residents get the home they expect, on time and at the price as agreed.

We even take care of outdoor features. After all, is your home really complete without an infinity pool? And don’t forget a nice water feature, such as a koi pond or small waterfall to greet guests at the main entrance!

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens and baths are two of the most essential rooms in the home, and two that get the most wear and tear. They are also two of the areas in the home where upgrades can significantly increase the home’s value.

At Gozen Construction, we love helping Costa Mesa homeowners transform ordinary bathrooms into personal, spa-like escapes. New tile, new cabinetry and new fixtures are a great start. You can even transform the bathing experience by adding a jacuzzi tub or walk-in shower.

Modern kitchens can be an escape for you, your friends and your family. In today’s home, the kitchen is much more than just a place to cook. It is a gathering spot, a place for tasting food, sharing wine and enjoying meals together. Gozen Construction offers fine, quality cabinetry installation, along with new countertops, lighting, new ceilings, and luxury flooring.

High-Quality Earthquake Retrofitting

In the Los Angeles area, every homeowner and business owner must consider the potential effects of earthquakes. In fact, recent laws have been enacted to mandate seismic retrofitting for certain types of buildings.

At Gozen Construction, we are happy to help you determine what ordinances apply to your home, apartment building or commercial building and help you make a plan to comply. Even if you are not legally mandated to do seismic retrofitting, we strongly suggest that you have an evaluation of your property to learn what retrofitting is recommended to improve safety. We may not know when the next major earthquake will occur, but we know that it will.

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And More…

Gozen Construction is a full service and fully licensed resource for any of the types of projects described above, as well as these:

Home Additions

Love your Costa Mesa home, but need more square footage? Whether you want to build out (adding a room) or build up (adding a new story) we can help!

Hotels and Spas

So you have the perfect property for that boutique hotel or spa? We specialize in buildings with 3 to 16 units. If you are envisioning a business that is the perfect get-away, we can make it happen, stress free!

Home Improvement

Sometimes it’s the little things that truly make a house a home – like a deck, patio, balcony, or even a water feature. Or maybe it’s time to go solar. Gozen Construction can truly improve your quality of life.

Commercial Lease Buildout

It starts with a dream. A dream becomes a plan, and a plan becomes a business. Somewhere along the way, the raw space that you lease in that commercial building has to become the home for your business. Gozen Construction is very experienced in building out commercial tenant spaces. If you are going to occupy a previously used space, we can tear out some or all of the existing construction and then build to your specifications. Or, if it a newly constructed building, we can build out all interior walls, flooring, ceilings, lighting, plumbing and electrical. Let us help you with this very important step to making your business a success.

Multi-Unit Construction

Want to make the most of your property by adding a new apartment building or upfitting an existing one? We handle all permits, planning, sub-contracting and materials. From the day you call us, until the day the building is ready for its first tenant, we make sure the process goes smoothly, at the price quoted.