Do you need a contractor in Culver City for your home or business?

Since the 1920s, Culver City has been home to sound stages of the film industry. It has also been home to Hughes aircraft, one of Southern California’s first shopping malls and during Prohibition, a number of famous speak-easies. Today, movies are still made here, but the area has also experienced a renaissance of galleries and restaurants and an influx of new residential areas.

So how can Gozen Construction improve your life in Culver City?

New Home Construction

Thinking of settling your family in Culver City? At Gozen Construction, we can guide you through the new home construction process, so you get the home you want at the price we quote. We ensure quality construction and take care of everything, from permits, to materials to managing subcontractors, so the process goes smoothly.

We can even go above and beyond, so your home is more than just a home. We can make your new home a true retreat, complete with an infinity pool, outdoor water features, decking and more. And for those days when you want to stay inside? Rest assured, your new home can have a top-quality kitchen and a spa-quality bathroom!

Tenant Improvements

Culver City is a great place to do business. Whether you are setting up a new insurance office or opening your dental practice, we can help. Or, maybe you simply want to expand your existing Culver City gallery or fitness center. As you move your business into a new, or new-to-you, space, you need the space upfitted to your specifications.

Whatever the need, we are experienced, and we can help. Your job is to run your business, doing what you do best. Our job is to arrange all necessary permits and demolition. Then, we keep the project moving, getting materials and subcontractors on schedule. Finally, we make sure that all inspections are passed, and that everything is just right when it is time to open your doors for business.

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Home Remodelling

Have you lived in Culver City for awhile? You don’t want to leave, but it seems like time for a change? Maybe it’s time to refresh your home by remodelling. Remodelling refers to changing the layout of the space within your home’s existing footprint. Remodelling generally involves adding, removing or moving walls, or raising ceilings.

Remodelling can open up and brighten rooms or repurpose spaces to better suit your current lifestyle. For example, you could remove the wall between your kitchen and living area and add a new kitchen to create one large entertainment space. Or, that big upstairs playroom can become a couple of bedrooms to accommodate your growing family.

Because remodelling often involves some demolition and may affect load -bearing walls in your home, it is very important to have licensed professionals tackle the job.

Gozen Construction can help with all of your remodelling projects in Culver City. We can ensure that your home remains structurally sound, while creating the new space of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you live in Culver City, you have everything you need, just moments from home. But where do you go to get away from it all? At Gozen Construction, we can turn your home into your own luxury retreat with gracious outdoor living.
Water features aren’t just for luxury hotels anymore. You can have your very own koi pond, waterfall or whatever other water features would create a pleasing outdoor ambience around your home.

And, Gozen Construction is your Culver City resource for decks, patios and balconies. Or, maybe even a pool with an outdoor fireplace could become your new, favorite “happy place!”

Restaurant and Club Construction and Upfits

Mexican, Japanese, Thai, French, Cuban, Italian… no matter the cuisine, Gozen Construction has the right recipe for building success. Culinary staff love our commercial kitchens and patrons love our bar and dining areas.

At Gozen Construction, we take your success seriously. Our commitment is as big as your dreams. We believe in doing the job right, from start to finish. There is just too much at stake to get it wrong. With Gozen, you can count on one of Culver City’s most experienced commercial contractors to get it right, from start to finish. Our exceptional team is experienced in architecture, engineering and construction project management. We work with you, right from the start, to plan and give you an accurate quote. Then, we handle everything – permits, materials, subcontractors and inspections. In the end, the price we quoted is the price you pay.

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And more…

Gozen Construction is a full service and fully licensed resource for any of the types of projects described above, as well as these:

Seismic Retrofitting

There are a number of state and local regulations that specify earthquake retrofitting requirements. Gozen Construction can help you create a plan for seismic retrofits according to the latest requirements for Culver City buildings.

Solar Units

A great way to take advantage of the Culver City sunshine? Why not use it to power your home! We can show you how.

Kitchens and Baths

When you’re not enjoying Culver City restaurants and shopping, where do you spend the most time in your home? Kitchens and baths are the top two contenders for creating a relaxing experience at home. We can help with flooring, cabinetry, appliances, baths and showers, lighting and anything else for that perfect gourmet kitchen or spa-like bathroom.