Energy Efficient Home Building

Energy Efficient Home Building

With new construction, there are upgrades that you may invest in now that may save energy and money throughout your ownership. Most people think of appliances when evaluating energy efficiency, but even construction products can affect energy usage. The following are a few energy saving tips for California new homes to contemplate.

Window Alternatives

Windows are a major source of air transfer. Double-pane windows provide better insulation. Additionally, adding a low-emittance layer within the two layers will better minimize heat exchange through the window. Low-E is essentially transparent. A wide range of coatings are offered to adapt to specific weather conditions. High solar gain options are good for regions with cold weather, whereas low solar gain glazingis preferred for warmer areas that use more cooling. It is also a good idea to evaluate the placement of windows relative to sunlight. This may minimize the use of electricity.

Appliance Considerations

Energy Star certified appliances operate more efficiently (as verified with testing). Therefore, they offer cost savings and help preserve the environment. You can search for Energy Star products online or in stores. They will contain the energy star placard with statistics on the amount of energy consumed under standard operation. Energy Star alternatives are widely available, so you should be able to locate options with the features you desire.

Proper Insulation

Insulation is key to forming a blockade between the interior and exterior air. It is obviously easier to insulate during construction than to add it after the house is completed. To be the most effective, your house should be insulated from top to bottom. If the structure has a below grade level, consider insulating bulkhead doorways and hot water piping.

Color and Heat

Dark shingle and siding colors absorb heat, causing the area within the home to be hotter. Your HVAC system must then run harder as a result. Opting for light colored roofing will deflect sunlight rather than absorb its heat. There are additional more drastic alternatives such as a white roof (special reflective glaze) or a green roof (with plantings).

Heating and Cooling Systems

Fuel burning heating systems typically include an efficiency rating described as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the better the benefit. Expenses may range based on manufacturer and efficiency. If your home is located in colder climates, investing in higher efficiency units may lower your bills by a big amount.

Further Tips for California New Homes

Building a house requires many options. Remember to include energy efficiency in your assessment of different products. Gauge the impact on the environment and up-front cost with the continual savings. In most cases, going with energy efficient options is an easy decision when looking at the big picture. Start by asking your contractor for creative solutions and suggestions.