With recent laws that now allow converting garages to habitable living spaces, more Los Angeles area homeowners are upfitting former garages to give their homes more livable square footage or to create separate living quarters that may be rented to generate an additional income stream.

However, it is important to work with an experienced contractor, such as Gozen Construction, to ensure that the space is safe, secure, and comfortable. All converted garages must meet certain building code requirements.

Converted garages must be properly wired and heated, with adequate windows and ventilation. They must have an acceptable ceiling height to be considered a habitable space. And, of course, they must be free of pests and contaminants. If part of the former garage space will still be used for parking a vehicle, then the sleeping quarters of the living space must not open directly to the vehicle storage space. At Gozen Construction we know the precise regulations and maintain a current knowledge of all code requirements.

Here is how the process works:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Gozen Construction begins by discussing your goals and the needs of the project. The plan must include all wiring, ventilation, heating and required windows. If the converted garage is to have its own door to the outside, the door must meet standards for exterior doors and must be able to be securely locked.

Step 2: Plan Approval

Next, the plan must be presented to the appropriate building code officials. This is a very important step and must not be overlooked. City officials review the plan and then issue the proper permit. Gozen Construction can take care of this for you.

Step 3: Get a quote for the cost of construction

Once you have a plan that is approved, complete and detailed, it is time to get a quote for the cost of construction to execute the plan. Although you may have received an estimate earlier, now that the plan is finalized, you can expect a precise quote that details the cost of construction. At Gozen Construction we work with you very carefully on this process, so that the price we quote is the price you pay in total.

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Step 4: Plan for construction

Once you have a plan and a quote, it is time to begin planning for the actual construction. Gozen Construction can help you set dates and a timeline so that you know what to expect. Gozen Construction can manage this part of the process for you, ordering all required supplies and materials and scheduling subcontractors.

Step 5: Execute and complete construction

Gozen Construction works with you to plan this phase carefully, so that the schedule is clear, everyone can plan accordingly, and the work is accomplished as quickly as possible with minimal disruption. Gozen Construction strives to complete the job on time and within the quoted budget. When the job is complete, you will have a brand-new space to rent or to enjoy yourself.

Why is Gozen Construction the choice of so many homeowners for garage conversions?

Although you may be eager to take advantage of new regulations that allow garage conversions, you may be having trouble envisioning how your dirty old garage could become habitable. At Gozen Construction, we have done lots of garage conversions and we would be happy to start by showing you some examples. Or, maybe you already know exactly what you want. If that’s the case, we are here to make it happen for you!

Either way, you can have one of the Los Angeles area’s most experienced garage conversion experts working for you. We are a California Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor who can help you with all of your residential construction needs.

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