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Do you hate your home’s dull grey exterior? Do you live in a construction zone with scaffolding covering your house? If you no longer wish to look at the unpainted exterior of your home, then it is time to bring your vision to life. Hire Gozen Construction – a general contractor Los Angeles. An outdoor space will: 

  • Add value to your property 
  • Increase curb appeal 
  • Increase resale value 
  • Entice new buyers and tenants 


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Like most business owners, you’re looking to hire a general contractor. You long to get you to remodel underway or build that addition everyone’s been talking about. But between deadlines at the office and pick-ups from the daycare center, not to mention those extra credit classes on top of it all… who has the time? The good news, though, is that by reading this ad for a small investment of time now! – you can save yourself big problems later. 

Okay, so what do we do? We’re a general contractor in Los Angeles, so let’s start with the basics. It won’t surprise you to learn that we have some great experience in general contracting. What might surprise you is how deep that experience goes. We are more than builders or carpenters or plumbers or electricians. We are an all-around remodeling contractor service provider. 

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What is General Contractor? 

A general contractor is a professional overseeing construction of a building(s). General contractors oversee the entire construction process and in some cases design as well. They ensure project completion is on time and within budget. They coordinate all job phases ensuring work completion is according to industry standards. 

General contractors may specialize in residential or commercial construction. A general contractor oversees the various aspects of a construction project. General contractors oversee all trades in the c. A general contractor’s experience determines the size job they can manage.  

The role of a general contractor is to coordinate the work of all other team members. They ensure everyone works together. Projects must meet deadlines, stay within budget, and keep the project running. Besides overseeing all other trades, they also manage things like permits and insurance. 

 A general contractor handles all aspects of the construction project. This responsibility is from start to finish. Construction projects may be new, renovations, or additions. 

The duties of a general contractor vary depending on the size and type of project they’re working on. The following are some examples: 

Planning and scheduling: General contractors schedule jobs according to deadlines, resources, and budgets. They determine how long coordination of each phase will take. Also, general contractors track cost estimates throughout each phase for budget compliancGe. 

Hiring subcontractors: General contractors must hire subcontractors for various parts of their projects. If you’re building an addition to your home, your general contractor will hire trades. 

Commercial General Contractor 

A commercial general contractor specializes in commercial construction and remodeling projects. At Gozen Construction we are a full-service commercial general contractor. We provide our customers with solutions to their construction needs. 

Our services include new construction, remodels, and tenant improvements. We will work with you to see it through from start to finish whatever your project. Our experienced team has been servicing the Los Angeles Metropolitan area for years. We have the knowledge and experience necessary for quality results and we strive to be on time and within budget. 

Every business owner has unique needs for their commercial property. Each project is different from the next one. We take time at the beginning of each new project to get to know our clients. Knowing their businesses we can better understand their needs. Gozen Construction is their choice as a general contractor Los Angeles. 

We built our reputation on customer satisfaction. We deliver high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. All while maintaining an efficient work environment for our employees and subcontractors. 

Commercial Remodels and Renovations 

For commercial needs make sure you are working with a team with experience. Gozen Construction has been helping clients with their commercial projects for years. We know what it takes to get the job done right and on time. 

Some of our commercial construction services include: 

  • Remodeling commercial properties such as restaurant kitchens, retail stores, and offices 
  • Building additions to existing buildings or from scratch 
  • Turning warehouses into retail spaces 
  • Building new restaurants out of existing structures 

Residential General Contractor 

A home improvement contractor works with homeowners to improve and renovate their houses. A residential general contractor is an expert specializing in construction.  This includes residential buildings, including homes, townhouses, and condominiums. This contractor may also work on multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties. 

Home Remodeling and New Construction 

A residential general contractor Los Angeles will offer services such as: 


Remodeling a home can be very expensive. Hiring a professional is often a good idea to save money while getting the job done right. A general contractor Los Angeles helps find the best materials for your project ensuring predictability. 

New Construction

Are you building from scratch or adding on to an existing structure? General contractors help with everything from planning and design to permits and crews. 


Flooring contractors install flooring materials such as carpeting, tile, and hardwood flooring. They may install wall paneling or other floor coverings for bathrooms or kitchens. 

General Contractor Services 

General contractors are the backbone of many construction projects in the city. They can work on small or large-scale projects managing every aspect of the project. They ensure compliance with building codes. 

Gozen Construction has many types of services they can offer your project, including: 

  • Project Management 
  • Construction Management 
  • Architectural Services 
  • Construction Administration 

General Contractor Cost 

The cost of a general contractor will vary depending on the size of your project and the type of work. Also, it depends on whether you hire a licensed contractor or someone who is not. Licensed contractors go through training and testing required by their state. Unlicensed contractors have not. 

The cost to hire a general contractor  Los Angeles depends on several factors, including: 

Size of Project – A large commercial building project comes with higher costs. There are more variables with larger projects needing special equipment and more labor. 

Type of Building Materials – Various building materials in construction affect cost. Some materials like brick or stone may be more expensive than others, such as wood or vinyl siding. 

A general contractor Los Angeles must have insurance coverage. Coverage is for any damage that occurs during their work (including liability). Check references from previous customers to ensure that they have experience. 

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  • New construction 
  • General contractor services 

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