While they do not add square footage to your home’s interior, home improvements can definitely give you more space to enjoy outdoor living, with new decks, patios or balconies. Add a pool to make your home your own private vacation place every day! And, water features can add a touch of serenity to any outdoor living space.

At Gozen Construction, we work with you carefully to create improvements that enhance your home’s existing architecture and appearance. As with all of our projects, home improvements are delivered on time and on budget.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: places you have visited, ideas you have seen online or even a friend’s house. Our experts can take your ideas and help you determine the best way to implement them to compliment your home and make them truly special.

Financing Options

Gozen Construction has partnered with Hearth to help homeowners make
smart financial decisions about their home improvement projects.

We connect homeowners to financing options that meet the needs of almost
any project, and we get it done quickly so you can get on with the job.

More Information

Here is how the process works:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Let’s have a look around your house! Where would you like that new deck, or the new swimming pool? What do you want the patio or balcony to look like? Should there be a water feature by your front door to greet your guests?

Gozen Construction begins by discussing your goals and the needs of the project. Designs may be produced to help envision and define the project.

Step 2: Get a quote for the cost of construction

Once you agree to a plan, it is time to get a quote for the cost of construction to execute the plan. Although you may have received an estimate earlier, now that the plan is finalized, you can expect a precise quote that details the cost of construction. At Gozen Construction we work with you very carefully on this process, so that the price we quote is the price you pay in total.

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Step 3: Plan for construction

Gozen Construction can manage this part of the process for you. We procure all materials and schedule and organize all subcontractors. If there is any preliminary landscaping that must be done, such as tree removal or filling in dirt to provide a level area, we take care of that part too.

Step 4: Execute and complete construction

Gozen Construction works with you to plan this phase carefully, so that the schedule is clear, everyone can plan accordingly, and the work is accomplished as quickly as possible.

Why is Gozen Construction the first choice of so many people for home improvements?

Our goal is for you to enjoy your home outdoors as well as indoors. We have helped hundreds of Los Angeles area homeowners have exciting decks and patios for entertaining or family living, balconies for special, serene access to the outdoors and water features to enhance the beauty of their grounds. When your home improvement project is complete, we want you and your family to be thrilled, all at the price that you expected to pay from the initial quote.

We have satisfied homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and would love to show you our portfolio of success stories. We are a California Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor who can help you with all of your residential construction needs.

Call us today and tell us what you have in mind!