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The home is the most important place in our ever-changing lives. When our lives change, our home requires changing too. Removing aspects that no longer suit us or adding ones that do are what contractors specialize in.  In the Los Angeles area, the aesthetics and utility of the homes are especially important. The area is constantly changing and is one of the most modern, trendiest cities in the US.  As a result, Los Angeles contractors are highly sought out.  There are much different construction needs both commercial and residential. Contractors bring unmatched value by being experts across the field.  

General Contractors in Los Angeles 

A general contractor is a skilled organization that brings together smaller sub-contractors. These sub-contractors specialize in different areas such as plumbing or electrical.  The contractor ties all services together to complete any job successfully.  For example, updating a bedroom. There needs to be electricians, carpenters, and drywallers involved, to name just a few. Taking the time to hire, organize, and pay each individual by yourself can get messy.  Contractors know how to handle a team effectively and will save you time and money.  

Commercial General Contractors 

The commercial space takes no breaks. Business is fast and prompt. A commercial general contractor will take care of your business construction needs quickly. You won’t have to worry about missing a beat.  

Future-proofing your business is important.  Earthquake retrofitting keeps it safe in the event of a disaster. Gozen Construction also specializes in food service facilities, hospitality projects, and warehouse construction. If you’re a landlord, we also do multi-unit construction, and tenant improvement services.  

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Home Improvement Contractors 

We spend most of our time at home. As a result, our homes get used a lot and can simply become worn over the years. This wear and tear can even result in broken aspects.  Or, outdated aspects slow us down when our daily routines have changed. Home improvement is what you need to fix a well-loved house. Contractors know homes both inside and out.  Smaller home improvement challenges can be DIY.  However, home improvement contractors make the larger tasks quick and easy.  

Remodeling Contractors 

Remodeling contractors are able to take an old space and make it new again with a precise budget.  They are also able to fit all activities into the most efficient timeframe.  They listen to your requests and work with you to perfect your goals.  Communication is also essential as changes can pop up that aren’t expected.  Remodeling contractors take on the most difficult tasks so that you can save time and money. 

The real estate market can experience extreme fluctuations. Having an updated, modern home can help you to stay on top of the competition. Not only will renovation ensure your home is perfect to be sold if it needs to be, but it also makes you money. Updated homes compared to outdated ones can sell for tens of thousands more.  

Home Remodel Contractors Los Angeles 

A home remodel is becoming a more and more popular way to add extreme value to your home. A great home remodeling contractor hires top craftspeople for the job. Contractor labor or subcontractors are hired to fit your unique budget. Using these hires, your contractor organizes jobs and tasks efficiently. 

In short, home remodeling contractors take your stress away. You won’t need to worry about the most challenging of projects. 

Roofing Contractors 

Many things can go wrong with roofs.  So many different environmental forces are always taking a toll. Heat, cold, water, and wind can easily cause damage to a weak roof. Ensure your roof is in top shape for any weather with a quality roofing contractor.  Gozen Construction can handle any repairs or even conduct a whole roof replacement. A quality roof will last decades and also save you money on utility bills.  

Warehouse Contractors 

You may think that a warehouse is an easier space to construct compared to a home. However, it is difficult in different ways that contractors are experienced in handling. A warehouse needs to accommodate machinery, electrical requirements, and employees.  It needs to have the most efficient layout for business success. Warehouses have to follow work safety requirements and be built with durability.  

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors 

Kitchens are many people’s favourite locations in their entire house.  They provide the tools and storage for crafting great meals.  They are also an entertainment and socialization spaces.  Today’s kitchens serve many new purposes that the kitchens of the past did not.  That is why remodeling them to fit your modern lifestyle can be very desirable.  Contractors handle all the big and small changes you need to be completed.  Kitchen remodels are one of the most valuable renovations to make.  Investopedia estimates a minor kitchen remodel recovering 75-83% of its cost.   

Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles 

Gozen Construction will organize the updates you need for your remodel.  This could include opening up the space by knocking down a wall. Or, adding more counter space.  You’ll likely want new appliances as well as cabinetry.  Tell us your needs and we’ll be with you every step of the way.  

Kitchen remodels can vary in price. HomeAdvisor lists the average kitchen remodel price as between $12,567 to $34,962. But, prices could definitely swing far outside of this range.   

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors 

Bathrooms are a very small space with a lot of working components.  They need gorgeous design, top-notch plumbing, moisture control, and electrical wiring.  The cost and planning needed to renovate your bathroom on your own can grow quickly.  That is why a remodeling contractor is useful.  In addition to kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels are the most valuable. The average remodeling cost recovery for a bathroom remodel is 70-78% according to Investopedia.  This is the average amount of cash homeowners get back after a remodel.  This is a great return on investment.  The rest of the cost recovery is the enjoyment you’ll receive from having a beautiful home.   

Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles 

A bathroom is a common place for remodeling as it takes lots of wear and tear over the years.  Things could be starting to deteriorate or simply be old looking.  Either way, adding a clean, modern design will refresh the space.   

Pool Contractors 

Want a cool pool this summer?  Choose this qualified contractor to install the perfect swimming area. Enhance your outdoor space with gorgeous tiling, amenities, and a lounge area. California is blessed to receive many months of warm weather. And investment in your own outdoor oasis is one that is worth it. We’re qualified to add great outdoor design features like nice lighting or shading.  A backyard water feature creates a serene ambiance. You’ll always be able to hear the sound of flowing water as you lounge.  Gozen Construction can handle all your outdoor space requests.  

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ADU Contractors Los Angeles 

ADU unit creation is especially popular in Los Angeles. The area is booming with new tenants looking for a beautiful place to live.  Adding an ADU unit to your property and becoming a landlord can be a great income source.  Another reason why ADU units are a great addition to your home is for family.  The ADU unit could be for guests or for a long-term living situation.  Guests and loved ones can maintain privacy while still being nearby.   

Many people choose to build an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, just for themselves.  They could use it as an office or creative space.  If you work from home, this could be a wonderful investment in your productivity.  

Choosing a contractor to handle the completion of your ADU unit is the best choice.  There are many aspects and moving parts that go into building a new unit.  This can include carpenters, plumbers, painters and beyond.  A contractor will take care of the entire construction process.  You get to sit back and reap the benefits.  

Our Service Areas | Gozen Construction 

Gozen Construction has extensive experience working in and around the Los Angeles area. We can service any commercial or residential property in this region.  Our service areas include: 


Homes throughout these areas can be costly, and construction can be as well.  Let us help keep costs low and organize efficiently. The areas along the coast are always shifting and keeping up with the home design trends. If you wish to maintain the value of your home, renovations are a valuable investment. 

Los Angeles is home to sprawling ranches and two story mid-sized family homes.  Los Angeles is of course also known for it’s modern mansions. The home styles vary from Spanish colonial to Victorian to Tudor.  come in a variety of interesting styles.  Like other states that see sunshine, homes here sport iconic orange clay-tile roofs.  

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