Are you looking for a construction contractor you can count on in Marina del Rey? Gozen Construction is here for you!

With a picturesque boat harbor and upscale restaurants and hotels, Marina del Rey is SoCal’s premier waterfront playground. Gozen Construction serves this area with expert commercial construction and renovation services, as well as serving the needs of discerning homeowners.

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Construction and Renovation

Whether nestled in a top hotel or recognized as a premier stand-alone eatery, top restaurants require quality, state-of-the-art kitchens.

Great food starts in the kitchen. And great kitchens start with Gozen Construction. We believe in doing the job right, from start to finish. As a restauranteur, you simply can’t get the food wrong. And we won’t let you down with a kitchen that is wrong. With Gozen, you can count on one of Marina del Rey’s most experienced commercial contractors. Our exceptional team is experienced in architecture, engineering and construction project management. We work with you, right from the start, to plan and give you an accurate quote. Then, we handle everything – permits, materials, subcontractors and inspections. In the end, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Pools, Infinity Pools and Water Features

At luxury hotels, atmosphere is everything, and there is nothing like the soothing effects of water to create just the right atmosphere. Your guests will appreciate being greeted by sparkling fountains, or strolling through gardens, complete with decorative ponds or waterfalls. Perhaps your premium suites need private infinity pools. And of course, if you want to revitalize a major outdoor recreational space with new decking, swimming pool and jacuzzi, Gozen Construction can ensure that your project is completed beautifully and on time, with minimal down time for your guests.

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Tenant Improvements

Marina del Rey is a choice location for almost any type of business. Whether you are setting up a new marine supply store, a consulting firm or a boutique, Gozen Construction can help any type of business build out a new space or renovate an existing location to your exact specifications.

Whatever the need, we are experienced, and we can help. Your job is to run your business, doing what you do best. Our job is to arrange all necessary permits and demolition. Then, we keep the project moving, getting materials and subcontractors on schedule. Finally, we make sure that all inspections are passed, and that everything is just right when it is time to open your doors for business.

Luxury Home Building

When the workday is over, where do you go? Isn’t it time for you to reward yourself with the luxury home of your dreams? We love making dreams come true! As fully licensed contractors, we are here to help you. We can advise on planning and architect selection, clear raw land or demolish existing structures.

As your new home begins takes shape, you will not need to worry about materials, subcontractors or unexpected costs. We work with you carefully from the start, relying on our strong background in design, engineering and construction project management to make sure there are no surprises. With Gozen Construction, Marina del Rey residents get the home they really want, on time and at the price as agreed.

We even take care of outdoor features. After all, is your home really complete without an infinity pool and a nice deck for watching the sunset over the Pacific?

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And More…

Gozen Construction is a full service and fully licensed resource for any of the types of projects described above, as well as these:

Home Additions

Love your Marina del Rey home, but need more square footage? Whether you want to build out (adding a room) or build up (adding a new story) we can help!

Multi-Unit Construction

Want to make the most of your property with a new apartment building or by upfitting an existing one? We handle all permits, planning, sub-contracting and materials. From the day you call us, until the day the building is ready for its first tenant, we make sure the process goes smoothly, at the price quoted.

Solar Units

A great way to take advantage of the Marina del Rey sunshine? Why not use it to power your home! There has never been a better time to do the right thing. Reduce your carbon footprint – and your energy bills!

Seismic Retrofitting

There are a number of state and local regulations that specify earthquake retrofitting requirements. Gozen Construction can help you create a plan for seismic retrofits according to the latest requirements for Marina del Rey buildings.

  • Soft story retrofitting refers to buildings with wood framing and with upper stories that are not fully supported, such as with buildings that include a covered parking area that has living space above.
  • Non-ductile retrofitting refers to older, brittle concrete buildings that need to be reinforced.

At Gozen Construction, we are experienced retrofitters and we can help you plan and implement your retrofit.

Kitchens and Baths

When you’re not at your favorite Marina del Rey restaurant or spa, how do you relax at home? Kitchens and baths are the top two contenders for creating a relaxing experience at home. We can help with flooring, cabinetry, appliances, baths and showers, lighting and anything else for that perfect gourmet kitchen or spa-like bathroom.