Are you preparing to invest in a multi-unit building? Housing is in great demand in the Los Angeles area, and your investment can be very profitable. The key is to plan carefully from the start.
For this type of project, Gozen Construction brings exceptional value, partnering with you as your consultant from the very beginning. It is important to carefully select the right property, in the right location, and at the right price. The completed project must meet consumer expectations for the general area. Perhaps most importantly, the project budget, a realistic sales price for finished units and a feasible construction schedule that coordinates well with the sales process must all be carefully planned. Gozen Construction has extensive experience working with successful multi-unit construction projects and we can help you throughout the process.

Whether you are building on land with no existing buildings, demolishing a building or refurbishing an existing building, Gozen Construction has the experience you need to ensure that the project goes smoothly at each step.

We can work with you every step of the way, from start to finish, or help you execute a plan that is already underway.

Here is how our multi-unit construction process works:

Step 1: Consultation and Site Planning

Gozen Construction begins by discussing your goals and vision for your multi-unit construction. If you need design or architect services, we have the background to coordinate those for you. We can ensure that plans are complete and meet the appropriate legal and engineering standards, as well as your approval.

Step 2: Get A Quote for the Cost of Construction

Once you are happy with the plans and all construction documents are in place, Gozen Construction can offer you a detailed quote. Our quotes are all-inclusive so you can rest assured that the price you expect to pay is the price you pay.

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Step 3 – Permits

We take care of all permit applications and site inspections. You do not have to worry about these details yourself. It is our duty to do the work and heavy lifting for you. You will be focusing on more critical business decisions and have a complete understanding of how the process is moving along.

Step 4: Plan for Construction

We take care of any necessary demolition work, ordering materials and scheduling and managing sub-contractors. We know how to manage your project to ensure that it runs smoothly and on-schedule. If you are refurbishing an existing building that is occupied, we plan with you for appropriate notifications to the tenants in advance of any disruptive work.

Step 5: Execute and Complete Construction

Our experienced construction team, project managers and sub-contractors get the job done on-schedule and on-budget, with careful, quality craftsmanship. Your multi-unit construction project becomes a reality, bringing new homes to more people, and profits to you!

Why do so many propery owners choose Gozen Construction for multi-unit construction?

We are a California Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor that can help you with all multi-unit construction needs for new construction or refurbishing or remodelling existing buildings. We work with you closely and make sure you understand the project from the beginning. We can provide required design and engineering services as well as construction activities. We bring customized solutions to all construction needs. We are reliable, on time and on budget.

Our turn-key project service ensures that all required paperwork and permits are filled out by our team, so you have nothing to worry about. When your building is ready, you will have an investment that can appreciate in value for years to come and be a reliable income source.