A brand-new home is a significant investment and an important step in your life. It is essential to plan from the beginning to get the results that you want and deserve, while working within your budget. You will want to begin by thinking about your lifestyle and how you want to use your new home. How many people will live in the home and what are their needs? Do you expect your family to expand over the next few years? Do you work from home? Do you want a place to entertain friends and even have overnight guests?

Once you have carefully considered all of these questions, it’s time to start planning.

At Gozen Construction, we have a strong background in design and architecture as well as engineering and construction. We are qualified to guide you every step of the way and manage the entire project from start to finish. Or, if you already have your lot and your plans and are ready to begin, we can take it from there.

Let’s look at what is involved:

Step 1: Consultation and Site Planning

Gozen Construction begins by discussing your goals and the needs of the project. We can work closely with your architect, evaluate stock architectural plans for you, or help you select a suitable architect for your project. We can advise you about how your plans will work with your lot, or help you select a lot that will work well with your plans and vision.

Step 2: Quote Construction Costs and Secure Financing

Once you have a plan that you are happy with and have purchased the lot where your new home will be built, it is time to proceed with a quote. You may have received an estimate earlier, but before construction begins, you should have a precise quote. If you plan to secure financing, it is especially important to know the exact cost of your new home. At Gozen Construction we work with you very carefully on this process, so that the price we quote is the price you pay in total. You can then proceed to work with your mortgage banker and your insurance company to finance the project and have it properly insured, right from the start.

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Step 3: Plan for construction

Once Step 1 and Step 2 are complete, it is time to begin planning for the actual construction. Gozen Construction can help you set dates and a timeline so that you know exactly what to expect. We procure all materials and we engage and schedule all sub-contractors. Gozen Construction manages everything so that construction will run smoothly and you do not have to worry.

Step 4: Execute and complete construction

We manage every part of the construction process and communicate with you throughout the process. We keep you completely informed, and as you visit the site from time to time, you will be thrilled to see the progress as your brand-new home takes shape.

Why is Gozen Construction the first choice of so many people for new home construction?

Our goal is for you to absolutely love your new home. When the finishing touches are complete and it is time to move in, we want to have a place that meets your needs and delights your family all at the price that you expected to pay from the initial quote.

We have satisfied new homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and would love to show you our portfolio of success stories.

We are a California Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor who can help you with all of your residential construction needs.

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