Are you looking for a reputable contractor who knows the Santa Monica area? Then look no further than Gozen Construction.

Santa Monica is synonymous with the good life… restaurants, clubs, galleries and of course, the beach. It is the epitome of upscale California living with a fun vibe. At Gozen Construction, whether it is your home or your business, we understand Santa Monica and we love creating new homes and business spaces here, or giving older ones new life.


What’s cooking? In Santa Monica, it could be almost anything from great tacos to Asian fusion to classic seafood and more. But if it is cooking in a restaurant built by Gozen Construction, the staff is working in a state-of-the-art kitchen and the patrons are enjoying the ambience of a well-crafted building. At Gozen, we know commercial kitchens and restaurants, from initial planning, to permits, to equipment procurement and installation as well as management of all subcontractors and materials, we can serve up a restaurant that you will be proud to call your business.

Home Additions

Living in Santa Monica is great! In fact, everything could be perfect, if only you had a little more room in your home. If this sounds like you, Gozen Construction can help with a home addition. Home additions are anything that increases the square footage of your home, either by adding one or more rooms, or by adding a second or third floor.

Additions can be the perfect solution, as long as everything goes smoothly. Additions require attention to design and structure, so it is important to use an experienced contractor. At Gozen, we help you plan and then carefully execute the plan, so that the addition goes beautifully with the existing structure and the project remains on track and on budget.

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Multi-Unit Construction

Turn your Santa Monica property into an income stream as you build equity in valuable beach community property. Gozen Construction specializes in building and renovating 3- to 16-unit buildings and can help you every step of the way. With a property that you plan to lease to tenants, it is important that all permits and construction meet all local and state requirements. We can bring your vision to life beautifully, and properly, creating a structure that can benefit you for decades to come.

Seismic Retrofitting

Santa Monica was the first city in Southern California with strong ordinances aimed at improving the stability of wood-frame, soft-story buildings. In 2017, the city passed a new ordinance, mandating comprehensive seismic retrofits, in the wake of non-compliance with previous regulations. Deadlines for compliance are approaching fast, so now is the time to put a plan in place.

Additionally, older, brittle concrete buildings are also subject to the ordinance which mandates non-ductile seismic refitting.

The first step to compliance, and the safety or yourself and your tenants, is to put a plan in place. Gozen Construction can help.

Office and Retail Renovations

Is it time to lease a new space or upfit your existing space? Gozen Construction is here for you. We understand commercial leases and upfits and can work with you to meet your landlord’s building allowance or your own budget. Every business runs more smoothly if it is in a suitable space and we are experienced in office and retail buildouts. Let us handle your project from beginning to end while you handle your business.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you live in Santa Monica, then one of the reasons you are here is probably the great Southern California weather. But are you enjoying outdoor life as much as you could?
If your home keeps you in more than out, we can change that. Gozen Construction is your local resource for decks, patios and balconies. Or, maybe even a pool with an outdoor fireplace could become your new, favorite “happy place!”

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And more…

Gozen Construction is a full service and fully licensed resource for any of the types of projects described above, as well as these:

Solar Units

Another great way to take advantage of the Santa Monica sunshine is to let it power your home! We can show you how.

Kitchens and Baths

When you’re not enjoying outdoor life, where do you spend the most time in your home? Kitchens and baths are the top two contenders for creating a relaxing experience at home. We can help with flooring, cabinetry, appliances, baths and showers, lighting and anything else for that perfect gourmet kitchen or spa-like bathroom.

New Home Construction

Time to build your Santa Monica dream home? Whether you are starting with raw land that needs to be cleared or a demolition project, Gozen Construction is there for you. And whether the end result will be a cozy seaside getaway or a hilltop mansion, we can make it happen.

Spas and Boutique Hotels

Want to turn your Santa Monica property into a destination? Our experience in multi-unit construction, commercial kitchens, luxury baths and pools is the perfect combination. You can count on our design and engineering expertise to create the perfect spa or boutique hotel.