Gozen Construction is the best Los Angeles tenant improvement general contractor given our 5-star reputation for craftsmanship and customer service. The quality of your work space can have a huge impact on the potential success of your business. But, it isn’t really your job to be an architect, engineer or commercial contractor. That’s where we come in.

Often, commercial tenants moving into a building get a tenant improvement allowance from the property owner for any interior build-out or improvements that are required, specific to the business. This may come in the form of actual payment to building contractors or in the form of some period of free rent. If it is in the form of actual payment, it may be specified as an amount per square foot, so be sure to understand how the square footage is measured and precisely the total tenant improvement allowance amount.

Gozen Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor for:

  • Office buildings or corporate office floors
  • Flexible or creative offices
  • Shop and Retail spaces
  • Commercial kitchens and food service facilities
  • Warehouses

If you have not yet negotiated your lease, then the best way to proceed is to first determine what you will need and what it will cost. Consider the space and layout required for your retail shop, office, or another establishment. Gozen Construction can help you determine an estimate. However, the best approach is to have a firm quote. We can work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your business and the needs of the project. We can carefully evaluate the plans, engineering and service requirements, and how we will achieve your goals. Then, after careful analysis and a detailed walkthrough of material and functionality choices, we can prepare a firm quote for you.

Once you understand the costs, you are in a good position to negotiate with a potential landlord. If the landlord will offer you direct payment for construction expenses, this is very helpful. Or they may offer you an allowance against your first few months of rent. Keep in mind that the landlord is benefitting too, as the construction is improving the property.

If the allowance is offered as free rent, be sure to read the fine print and confirm that the free rent period occurs at the beginning, not the end, of the lease. Also, try to insist that the period account not only for the cost of the construction, but also the time period. In other words, if the construction will require 1 month and cost the equivalent of 3 months of rent, then you should ask for 4 months of free rent, since the building is not generating revenue for you until the construction is complete.

If you have already completed the negotiation of the lease, perhaps you already have a designer or architect. We can work with the architect of your choice or we can can implement the design process for you. Then, we take care of everything, including all permitting, materials and fixtures procurement, sub-contractors, and inspections. In the end, you get a great space for your business, without the headaches, so you can focus on the business itself.

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A conversion project to add new utilities and equipment for a commercial kitchen often requires a high up-front investment. You may be able to offset these costs by having a long-term lease with lower monthly rental prices.

  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Many more… any business to be operated from a leased or rented space!